Renewal of Vows

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing a couple placing wedding rings upon each others' hands and beginning their journey of married life? Yes, there is! It is the experienced married couple renewing those vows, wearing those rings from their wedding day. They have experienced what it truly means to have a best friend, a confidant, a lover, a listener and tender critic. They have also learned what it means to have a true partner when either is heartbroken. They have even learned that experiences became more exciting, memories remained fresher and commitment became stronger as the years passed. Our officiants will help you custom write a Renewal of Marriage Vows that will express your own appreciation of one another and include family members along with a beautiful "Renewal of Vows Certificate." Our officiants offer suggestions of locations for the setting of your Vows of Renewal ceremony. We can also give suggestions for photographer, musician, flowers, etc.


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