Frequently Asked Questions


WHAT IS YOUR SERVICE LIKE? YOUR wishes will determine the nature and content and length of the wedding ceremony. I will provide you with a detailed outline, suggestions and choices for each segment. With full respect for your thoughts and personalities, I (or we together) will custom write the ceremony.

CAN YOU PROVIDE THE MARRIAGE LICENSE? Yes. Click here for license information.

WHAT ARE YOUR FEES? My fee is $275 (plus license if desired).

WE'RE FROM OUT OF TOWN. WILL YOU HELP US ACCOMPLISH OUR WEDDING GOALS? Yes! We are happy to make recommendations and assist you.

WHAT ABOUT DIFFERENT RELIGIONS AND CULTURES? The wedding is at its best when it is respectful of the individual beliefs and cultures of the bridal couple and their families. I am a retired ordained Minister and am familiar with most denominations and cultures. The wedding can be a non-denominational or a civil ceremony.

CAN WE INCLUDE OUR CHILDREN AND/OR FAMILY MEMBERS? By all means! I will offer numerous suggestions that you could consider to include children and/or family members present and loved ones who have passed away.

CAN WE MEET IN PERSON BEFORE THE WEDDING? While it is not required on my part, it is ideal to meet in person. We can meet at your conveniece.

CAN YOU SUGGEST LOCATIONS FOR US TO CONSIDER FOR OUR WEDDING? Yes. At your request I will send you a complete list of locations where I have officiated weddings in San Diego County.

DO YOU PERFORM RENEWAL OF VOWS? Yes. Click here for more information.



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